Consorzio Veneto Insieme


Consorzio Veneto Insieme is a consortium of social co-operatives active in the provinces of Padua and Venice. Veneto Insieme was founded in 1987 and was the first consortium of cooperatives in Veneto region. Its activity is oriented to the development of the associated co-operatives providing them with several services: co-ordination of social actions, stimulation of self-collaboration, promotion of networks between co-operatives and public or private actors of the region. Besides this function, Veneto Insieme has an aim to empower people and the territory by coordinating social inclusion of disadvantaged persons.

The mission of the Consorzio Veneto Insieme is to promote development of the regional social cooperation by offering technical, administrative and business support to the associated co-operatives.

It offers advices finalized to obtain Quality Certification and Institutional Accreditation, the process in which the regional authority certifies the competency and credibility of the social services provided by co-operatives. Moreover, it carries out planning, selection and training services for the volunteers of National Civil Service, to be included in the co-operatives, where they can gain an important learning experience.

Veneto Insieme inspires from the principles of the world co-operative movement, such as self-sufficiency, democracy, equality, fairness and solidarity.

Consorzio Veneto Insieme has 27 members:

  • 15 social co-operatives of the type A
  • 11 social co-operatives of the type B
  • a consortium of social co-operatives

According to the Italian law, social co-operatives of the type A manage social, health and educational services, while those of the type B develop all kind of business activities employing at least 30% of disadvantaged persons.

Members of the type A manage services for more than thousand people, from which almost 70% are people with physical or mental disabilities, while members of the type B employ disabled persons in several professional sectors:

  • social housing;
  • electrical / mechanical assembly;
  • restaurant management;
  • parks and garden housing;
  • typography and printing;
  • organic farming;
  • cleaning services;
  • web marketing and communication services.

In more than 20 years of its activities, Veneto Insieme has created partnerships with several regional actors. First of all, its services allowed establishing of a well-functioning network among all associated co-operatives. Secondly, the consortium developed networks with other organizations providing different services for co-operatives, such as Confcooperative Padova, Confcooperative Veneto and Irecoop Veneto. And finally, the implemented projects created collaborations with several local authorities from the Provinces of Venice and Padua and the Chamber of Commerce of Padua.



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